Supernatural Convention: a fangirl's dream come true

I had to try and put this into words, before I forgot all of the craziness that is a Supernatural convention. It’s long, but it doesn’t even skim the surface!


Up first was Kim Rhodes (Sherriff Jodi Mills). Kim is charming on stage. She knows how to work a crowd, and she was entertaining to watch. Although I don’t recall a lot of specific details from her panel, I do remember her talking a lot about the character of Bobby and how she wished she and him would have got it on. Also, she seriously hopes Jodi comes back in season 8 as a strong female ally for the boys—one, she says, who “doesn’t want to fuck them.”

I enjoyed listening to her. Also, she kicked over a stage light twice, so she’s beautiful and uncoordinated.

Julian Richings (Death) came on later that day. He is everything you’d expect the opposite of Death to be. He beamed the whole time, made jokes and was surprisingly sprite. Although the panel was a bit slow (there were many questions about theater) it was nice to see him as a person instead of as a character. Needless to say, after hearing him on stage, he is an incredible actor because Death is miles away from who Julian is.


Ok, so karaoke, led by Richard Speight Jr. (Trickster/Gabriel) and Matt Cohen (young John Winchester/Michael) was Friday night. It didn’t start until 11, and I had woken up at 5 that day to make the three-hour drive to Canada. But, I went anyway because I just knew random actors were going to crash. Sure enough, they did! Kim stopped by first, followed by Julian, and then, in one of the greatest moments of the con, Richard announces the next singer: “Singing ‘Big Balls’ we have someone by the name of Lucifer.” Mark Pellegrino (Lucifer) emerges from the crowd (drunk as a skunk) and proceeds to give us the greatest karaoke performance ever. He sings the whole song in a British accent, and brings the house down. You can see a clip here.

Not only that, Mark decides he’s having a great freakin’ time, so he then sings “Sweet Transvestite” from “Rocky Horror.” YOU GUYS! THE DEVIL HIMSELF SANG “SWEET TRANSVESTITE!” I mean, come on! Not only did he sing, he thrusted and rubbed his body and just seduced the hell out of the entire audience. That man knows how to WORK IT.

Julian did a song, as you can see in a clip here, and he was all knees and elbows, jumping around the stage like a punk rocker. It was truly a special moment to see Death look so alive.

Then Mark Sheppard (Crowley) appeared and made the whole audience swoon with his big smile and British accent. He didn’t perform because he’s much too cool, but we all got to stare for a while. This was seriously such a great night! I got to see the actors be themselves and have fun with the crowd and be absolutely amazing with all of the fans. Plus, Matt Cohen jerked it like ten times.


This day was a marathon. There was no time to breathe, let alone eat or sleep. We had virtually back-to-back panels with Russ Hamilton (Supernatural’s location manager), Julie McNiven (Anna), Richard Speight Jr./Matt CohenMark Sheppard/Mark Pellegrino, and Jim Beaver (Bobby)/Misha Collins (Castiel). There were photo ops between these.

Richard’s and Matt’s panel was great because they walked through the audience the whole time. At one point, I realized that Matt was standing directly behind me, like one inch away. It was so great for us in the cheap seats because the guys paid us some attention. They were hilarious and personable and had some great stories to tell. Definitely love and admire both of them even more!

The Marks’ panel was just packed with so much…greatness…and testosterone. They played with the audience, Sheppard standing directly in front of someone while she asked a question rather than standing on stage, and Pellegrino lounged in his chair and made jokes about how hungover he was. It was quite the team—the rulers of hell—and my goodness were these two guys perfectly cast!

The Jim and Misha panel was something I was very much looking forward to since I’m a Misha freak. Although the men were cursed with some seriously stupid questions from the audience, they entertained, nonetheless. Misha addressed a Destiel question (a fan-created Dean/Castiel homosexual relationship) with humor and ease. When a fan asked what he would do if he were in Jensen’s body for a day (stupid) Misha recovered quickly by saying, “Go to a plastic surgeon. Immediately.” At one point, a person asked a question who had a very female voice and appearance, so Misha referred to the person as “her.” This fan corrected him in front of hundreds of people saying, “I’m a boy, actually.” Ever the professional, Misha apologized and said, “My mistake. I get that a lot too, actually. People often think I’m a woman,” and went into a funny tangent about his long hair as a child. He never once faltered. It was quite impressive, although the collective group of us felt awkward enough for him.

At one point, Misha put on a fan’s lipstick and kissed a poster of Jensen. It was for charity, but again, super great of him to be so laid back.

I had a photo op with Jim and was one of the first 10 to meet him. They have really loud music playing in the photo op room, so you can’t really talk. He was dancing between photos, so when I got my turn, I kind of danced up to him. We ended up both putting our hands in our pockets, which is too cute for words. I told him his memoir (“Life’s that Way”) is beautiful, and he’s like, “What?” I repeated it, and he said, “Oh! I thoughy you said my boudoir!” Great little moment 

Misha’s photo op line was ridiculous, but because you get about 5 seconds with him, it went by fast. There was a girl a few people ahead of me who asked him to pick her up (so weird!) and I found out the next day that he actually seriously hurt his back. He didn’t seem quite like himself after that, but he was still very nice. I said hello and asked if we do the “prom pose.” He smiled and said, “Yeah, alright” and this magic happened!

The photo ops are funny because I had so much adrenaline, so much nerves, and so little time, I really can’t remember the details. I can’t even remember him putting his arms around me, or Jim squeezing me so tight he gave my arm a fat roll!

Anyway, later that night I waited four, FOUR, hours for Misha’s autograph. Unfortunately, you could tell he was exhausted. It was a bit disappointing, but then I thought how tired I was, and I had only been sitting for four hours. He had been talking and signing that whole time. I gave him a photo with a post-it note across his face on the photo (with my name so he could spell it). I opened with a, “I thought I’d cover your horrible face.” He scoffed and threw his hands in the air in a charming way. He graciously wrote my favorite quote on the photo, and when I asked him why he had a black fingernail, he told me he had been disarming a bomb. I made a poor attempt at a joke, “Oh, right. Your typical Monday,” and he nodded, “Yup exactly,” he said. It was cool to talk to him. Another “fangirl” moment I wont forget!

As a bonus, when I left the ballroom, I stopped by the trashcan to throw away that post-it. I turned and there was Lucifer, eating dinner. He smiled and waved at me! It was such a simple gesture. He could have easily ignored me, but he didn’t. It just goes to show how great these people are.


Sunday was all about Jensen and Jared. I started the morning off corralled with hundreds of people as we waited for the J2 (me between Jensen and Jared) photo op. The photographer told us not to ask for hugs, which was disappointing, but I found a decent back up.

They had a huge curtain blocking the boys, so you couldn’t see them until you were like fourth in line. While I was waiting, I saw Cliff (the boys’ bodyguard) and waved at him. He came over to say hi and ask how I was doing. It went like this.

ME: I’m really nervous. This is my first con.

CLIFF: Don’t be nervous. They’re just guys.

ME: I met Jim and Misha yesterday, so I’ve at least had practice with the photos.

CLIFF: If you survived Misha, you’ll be fine. He’s worse. Actually, Sebastian (Balthazar) is the worst. You’ll be fine.

So as soon as I rounded that curtain and saw those boys…WOW! They’re both so good looking it’s painful. I couldn’t wipe the smile from my face (same thing with Jim and Misha). I made eye contact with Jared a couple times, and then my legs started to wobble. When I walked over to them, I held out my hand so I could at least get a handshake. I can’t even remember what it felt like! But both Jensen and Jared looked me in the eyes and said, “Nice to meet you.” Ahhh!!! Again, I can’t even remember where they put their hands, and I have weeks to wait until I see the photo. BOO! But as I left, I thanked them again, and they both said thanks to me. So very nice and humble. I walked past Cliff again, he had been watching, and he said, “You did good!”

I then proceeded to walk like a baby giraffe that just discovered its legs all the way back downstairs.

Their panel later that afternoon (short clip here) was just wonderful. They have AMAZING chemistry with each other. At one point, they even made the same facial expression, which I posted a Twit photo (not mine) of beside this. It was totally unplanned, but you can just tell they spend every moment of every day together. One of my favorite parts was when someone asked if they had taken any roles they regretted. Jared said to Jensen, “I will devour you if you answer that for me.” Jensen then said, “I bet you’d devour me. In a New York Minute.” Ha! For those of you who don’t know, Jared starred in the MK and Ashley hit. I was laughing throughout the whole panel and just in total awe. Throughout the weekend, I was thinking this con was definitely a one-time thing. It was exhausting, expensive and a lot of waiting—a lot of fun, of course, too! But after J and J’s panel, I can understand why people go back. It was a fantastic way to end it. Plus, Jared asked all the first timers to come back again, so I may just have to take him up on that. Not to mention, because you’re so nervous during photos that you basically black out, it’d be nice to try again and actually form a solid memory.

Oh, Kevin Parks (first AD), the costume designer, and a slew of other crew members were also in the audience that day. It just goes to show how much they love and respect the fans. It was a surreal, almost dream-like, weekend, and I’m not ashamed in the slightest of how geeky I am. Wonderful, talented people—all of the actors over the weekend!

I went into the con being obsessed with the show, and I think insanity just breeds more insanity.